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The Scoop on Snacks | Rockley Valley Park's Guide to Dog Treats

At Rockley Valley Park, we understand the pivotal role that treats play in your puppy's training regimen. So, let's delve into the world of canine cuisine and uncover the best treats for your beloved pooch!

The Ideal Training Treat

For training sessions, opt for small, easily breakable treats. This ensures quick rewards without overindulging your pup. Look for soft, chewable options that won’t slow down the training process. Treats with real meat are a hit, thanks to their irresistible aroma. And remember, keep an eye on the sugar, salt, and fat content to maintain a balanced diet.

The Crème de la Crème: High-Value Treats

Every pup has their preferences when it comes to flavour. Discover what gets your dog’s tail wagging with their favourite treats – these are your "high-value" gems. Dogs will go the extra mile for these tasty morsels, making them invaluable for training success.

Enrichment and Entertainment Treats

Treats aren’t just for teaching tricks; they’re also perfect for mental stimulation. Puzzle toys that dispense treats challenge your pup’s brain power while keeping them entertained. It’s a win-win situation, preventing boredom-induced mischief like digging and excessive barking.

Teeth and Gums Treats

Combat dental issues and soothe teething gums with the right treats. Long-lasting options like beef hooves and bully sticks are not only mentally engaging but also promote dental hygiene. Plus, there are treats specifically designed to clean your pup’s teeth, reducing tartar buildup and potential dental problems.

Treats to Tread Carefully Around

While treats are delightful, moderation is key. Watch out for treats high in sugar and fat, as they can contribute to weight gain. During intense training phases, balance treat intake by slightly reducing meal portions.

Curious about treats, teething, or general puppy care? Check out the Puppy Masterclass for a wealth of knowledge to keep your furry companion happy and healthy and keep an eye out for us here at Rockley Valley Park!


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