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The best Cavoodle breeder in NSW established in 2017

What makes us different?

Rockley Valley Park was established by John Grima, who has worked in the pet care industry for 34 years and, with his wife Siggy, is the owner and operator of Kellyville Pets in northwest Sydney for the sole purpose of breeding exceptional cavoodle puppies and other companion dogs with a focus on not only physical but also mental health.

At Rockley Valley Park we set the standard for puppy breeding, ensuring the highest levels of animal welfare and care. We aspire to redefine excellence in breeding practices, pioneering new benchmarks in health, happiness, and genetic integrity. By meticulously selecting and nurturing our mums and dads, we aim to produce puppies that embody robust health, delightful temperament, and innate vitality.

Our commitment extends beyond breeding exceptional puppies; it encompasses fostering a deep sense of responsibility and respect for every life we bring into the world. Each puppy we place in a loving home represents a bond of trust and mutual respect between us and our adoptive families. We believe in supporting these families every step of the way, providing guidance and resources to ensure a lifelong companionship filled with joy and fulfillment.

Ultimately, our vision is to enrich lives through the companionship of our puppies, fostering relationships built on love, trust, and admiration. By adhering to our unwavering standards of care and ethical breeding practices, we aim to set a new paradigm in the industry—one where excellence, compassion, and the well-being of our puppies and their adoptive families are paramount.

Why Rockley Valley?

Rockley Valley Park is one of a kind - a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility for breeding Cavoodles and other small poodle/spaniel crosses at Fosters Valley near Bathurst.


The proposed facility sets a new benchmark for the pet industry not seen in Australia before, that allows the professional breeding of companion dogs while catering for the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of all dogs on the property.

Features include:

  • Grassed exercise yards, insulated kennels with under-slab heating and socialisation yards

  • On-site grooming facilities and a vet inspection area

  • A purpose-built temperature-controlled whelping facility with 24hr monitoring


Dog owners have the opportunity to visit the Rockley Valley Park and the RSPCA & Animal Welfare League randomly inspect the facility to ensure it maintains the highest of animal welfare standards. We also hope to teach best practice dog breeding techniques to existing and potential breeders, and will work with animal rights groups to establish an accreditation and recognition scheme to assure buyers they are getting their new pet from a reliable and ethical source.

Rocley Valley Park Staff

Our Welfare Commitment

  • All of our mums have no more than 5 litters and they are desexed and rehomed at around the age of 5 years and males at 7 years.

  • Our mums will not be bred with unless they have a breeding certificate from the vet pre mating

  • Each of our dogs is trained and well socialised in large open grassy yards.

  • All of our cavoodles are exposed to domestic situations so that when they are rehomed, they will be accustomed to a normal home environment.

  • We offer all of our dogs and puppies life time rehoming. If in the unlikely event you can no longer keep your RVP dog, we will take it back and rehome it.

  • We encourage regular inspection by RSPCA and AWL

  • We provide an annual vet audit of the breeding facility

  • We will allow the public to view parents and the facility so they can see for themselves where their puppy is coming from.

  • We have staff onsite all the time doing whatever is necessary to keep our dogs and puppies happy and healthy

  • We showcase our facility to other breeders and hold regular seminars on best practice.

  • Our cavoodle puppies are being bred for good temperament and health, not fads. We will breed out any genetic issues over time.

  • We will not be breeding brachiocephalic dogs

Newborn puppies
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