About Us

Rockley Valley Park was established by John Grima, who has worked in the pet care industry for 34 years and, with his wife Siggy, is the owner and operator of Kellyville Pets in north west Sydney. Our on-site manager is Lani, who has extensive experience with dogs through working with the RSPCA, AWL and kennels.


Kellyville Pets has long supported better regulation of the pet shop industry and breeders of companion animals, given the significant risks associated with unethical operators. As part of the industry body, PIAA, we have strongly argued for a licencing system that can adequately fund effective monitoring and enforcement to drive higher animal welfare standards in pet shops and breeding facilities.


We only partner with breeders who have agreed to have their premises audited by a veterinarian annually and all puppies are microchipped by the breeder so that lifetime traceability is possible.


Significantly, Kellyville Pets provides the details of its breeders to the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League (AWL) to enable them to conduct random inspections. We inspect our breeders’ premises regularly and have no hesitation in refusing to work with those who, while meeting the current legal requirements, don’t adhere to our much higher standards.

This family business is no ordinary pet store but rather a centre for companion animal enthusiasts with a strong reputation for quality, service, education, and a passion for all types of animals.


Kellyville Pets has voluntarily developed a ‘Puppy Buyers Checklist’ to ensure customers are well aware of the obligations and responsibilities of owning a dog 

Given the difficulty in sourcing reputable breeders willing and able to comply with these high standards, Kellyville Pets has opened its own best-practice breeding facility to raise dog breeding standards in Australia.


We support rescue organisations and have so far rehomed over 1000 rescue cats and dogs within our store and public events.