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Born May 2022




Spice the Cavoodle, known fondly by her nickname 'Didi,' is a much-adored member of her family. She is partial to a bit of ham and cheese, loves to eat her chilled dog food and has even taken a liking to human food. Fetch and Tug of War are among her favourite games.

One of her favourite things to do is cuddle. Spice loves nothing more than curling next to her humans for some warmth and love.

Her loving nature and playful antics keep everyone entertained all day long.

She has been taught a trick or two, such as sitting on command. However, she doesn't know many other tricks.

A note from her Guardian:
Being a guardian to Spice has been a rewarding yet challenging experience. The hardest part, undoubtedly, would be when it is time to let her go. It's a tough reality that we dread having to face someday. Despite this, there is no greater joy than seeing our beloved Spice grow into a wonderful girl.

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