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May 2021

Black & White


June 2024


Lotti lives with Juniper in a Guardian home and loves interacting with other dogs, frolicking around the park and exploring the great outdoors. She recently went on a beach holiday with her Guardian, and she loved feeling the sand between her paws.
Lottie loves anything chicken and sometimes is a bit naughty and likes tearing things apart especially beds!

Despite her quirks, Lotti is a loyal and loving dog. Her Guardian misses her terribly when she goes to Rockley to have puppies but she knows she is always well taken care of there.

Having Lotti and Juniper brings nothing but happiness and companionship to their Guardian's life. They loved nothing more than curling up together on the couch, Lotti can do things like sitting, shaking paws, dropping, and leaving whatever she is told. Lotti is more than just a dog - she is family.

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