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Meet Wendell: The Gentle Heart of a Cavoodle

In the vibrant world of cavoodles, there's a special boy who stands out from the Rockley Boy crowd, not just for his soft, wavy coat or his intelligent, amber eyes, but for his soulful essence that seems to touch everyone he meets. Wendell, or 'Wendy' as he's affectionately known, is a testament to the incredible companionship and unconditional love dogs bring into our lives. Wendell being on of our stud dogs, lives onsite at Rockley Valley Park.

Wendell’s zest for life is evident in everything he does, from his eagerness to explore the outdoors to his profound love for canned wet food. This little adventurer finds joy in simple pleasures, be it accompanying us while we hang out the washing or taking serene walks around the paddock. But it’s his favourite game that truly showcases his delightful personality—playing scent games and his absolute adoration for chewing cow hooves.

But what makes Wendell truly special is his incredible gentleness. Whether he's meeting new people or mingling with other dogs, his kind and tender approach effortlessly wins hearts. His capability to seamlessly blend and play with young puppies, nurturing them with the patience of an elder sibling, speaks volumes of his compassionate spirit.

Wendell is also incredibly cuddly and just loves sitting on laps.

Wendell does have a little mischievous side. He's known for sneaking chicken necks and one time he stealthily stole a chicken wing right from a hand.
He does an adorable 'wooing' dance when he meets his ladies or when he meets friends.

He also has an eagerness to learn. From sitting and lying down to mastering the art of a polite walk on the lead and the joy of a successful recall, he's learning new things all the time. Currently, we're navigating the waters of 'shake paw' and 'stay'.

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