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Toy Poodle


Bowie is an adorable and adventurous Toy Poodle. His name came from thr legendary music artist, David Bowie. His favourite food chicken wing tips and necks. An undeniable delicacy in his perspective!

Bowie prefers digging for hidden treasures in his favourite spots. And by treasures, we mean treats! His energy is boundless when it comes to chasing bubbles and wrestling with his furry buddies: Simba, Harlow, and Loki.

Bowie enjoys being taken for a sprint across the paddocks. After burning his boundless energy, Bowie loves to unwind by indulging in a crunchy cow hoof or pig's ear.

Bowie has frequent springtime encounters with the resident plovers. Seeing Bowie matching wits with the birds always provides good entertainment.

Despite his small obsession with birds, Bowie’s undeniable charm always shines through. His irresistibly cute demeanor, mixed with his affectionate nature, has won many hearts. One might also be amused by his unexpected antics which includes dragging his blankets outside!!

When we're in the mood for a fun twist, we occasionally switch up Bowie's name to David as an homage to his namesake. Additionally, our clever little boy isn’t just good at chase and wrestle, but also a champ at commands. From the basic ones, he is currently on his journey of learning to roll over.

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