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  1. All of our mums have no more than 5 litters and they are desexed and rehomed at around the age of 5 years and males at 7 years.

  2. Our mums will not be bred with unless they have a breeding certificate from the vet pre mating

  3. Each of our dogs is trained and well socialised in large open grassy yards.

  4. All of our dogs are exposed to domestic situations so that when they are rehomed, they will be accustomed to a normal home environment.

  5. We offer all of our dogs and puppies life time rehoming. If in the unlikely event you can no longer keep your RVP dog, we will take it back and rehome it.

  6. We encourage regular inspection by RSPCA and AWL

  7. We provide an annual vet audit of the breeding facility

  8. We will allow the public to view parents and the facility so they can see for themselves where their puppy is coming from.

  9. We have staff onsite all the time doing whatever is necessary to keep our dogs and puppies happy and healthy

  10. We showcase our facility to other breeders and hold regular seminars on best practice.

  11. Our puppies are being bred for good temperament and health, not fads. We will breed out any genetic issues over time.

  12. We will not be breeding brachiocephalic dogs


Welfare Commitment