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October 2021

Black & Tan


July 2023


Tonks (or Tonksy-poo) the Cavoodle is more than just a family pet - she's a cherished member of her Guardian's household. She's got a particular taste for homemade turkey mix and chicken necks, but she's not picky when it comes to treats - training with treats and solving treat puzzles and balls is her favourite pastime. She also loves the outdoors; she enjoys nothing more than exploring new places on a walk or going for a ride in the car to investigate new sights and smells.

Tonks coat colour is also the perfect example of how much most Cavoodles will fade over time. When she was a puppy she was Black & Tan which over time has faded to a beautiful Silver & Cream. The fading gene comes from the Poodle and to date it is not possible to determine whether a Cavoodle will fade or not so it's safer to assume they will.

She sometimes can be a bit naughty and loves to bark when dinner is being cooked, which often means she has to be crated or kept outside with her trusty treat ball. One time she even snuck up onto the dining table and devoured some lilies - thankfully she got the all clear from the vet, but her white beard was stained yellow for weeks!

Her guardians couldn't imagine their family without Tonks. Tonks brings so much joy to their lives and seeing photo updates of her puppies makes them happy while she is away from them.

Tonks is a mummy's girl at heart and her talents include sitting, staying, dropping, coming, and doing a paw shake. She loves showering her Guardians with kisses while they snuggle on the couch.

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