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Born October 2020



October 2023


Tess, a playful Cavoodle and has a number of favourite things, one of them being chicken, which she enjoys during meal times. She relishes every morsel and sometimes even playfully begs for more.

Tess absolutely adores playing tag in the garden and also chasies aroud the dining table.

Her one bad habit is barking at new people visiting the house. This sometimes creates embarrassing moments, but it also indicates her protectiveness over our home.

In terms of tricks, Tess is quite adept. From simple tasks like sitting, following and jumping on command, to cutely giving kisses, she's got quite an impressive list under her paw!

A note from her guardian: Tess has an incredible personality that truly enriches my life. Her companionship is undeniably the best thing about her, providing endless warmth and love. On a funny note, I still remember how she once had a big rat lying at her feet inside her pen. I was absolutely startled by this, while she just sat there looking absolutely satisfied!

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