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Born February 2021



March 2024


Primrose , affectionately known as Primmy Dimmy, or Dim Sim stands out with her charming eyes and an undeniably easygoing spirit. This delightful cavoodle has captured the heart of her family with her quirky habits and boundless love.

Primrose is particularly partial to chicken necks—a snack she often sneaks inside, much to the amusement and sometimes frustration of her human companions.

Adventures with Primrose are hilariously unique, especially when it involves her humorous stubbornness once during a rainstorm, where she refused to budge from the grass, resulting in a human rescue operation to bring her inside.

Primrose is not just a pet; she's a source of laughter, a beacon of love, and a testament to the deep, rewarding connection between our Guardians and their canine companions.

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