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Born May 2021

Chocolate & White


May 2024


Meet Polly, a delightful and beloved Cavoodle. Polly's not particularly choosy about her food; her favorites range from the tastiest cooked salmon, bully sticks to literally anything her humans are eating.

She's quite a fan of fun-filled chasing games and she loves a brisk walk or a snuggly cuddle on the couch.

The naughtiest she has been was when Polly once chased after kangaroos in a leash-free park in Orange, giving her Guardians quite the fright.

Yet, it's her charismatic nature, excited chatter, and unconditional love for everyone that melts our hearts. Despite her naughty streaks, we cherish her dearly. Her squeaky, friendly welcome home greets never cease to warm our hearts.

On her first beach visit, Polly rushed into the waves only to realize she had underestimated the depth. Watching her wet rat impression while scrambling back out had everyone in stitches!

Polly has a huge variety of nicknames! Polly's household titles are a mix of silly and endearing – ranging from 'Pooch', 'Poodle', and 'Polly Pocket', to fun aliases like 'Polberto' and 'Poochtavious Jones' (a nod to our love for musicals!). On her mischievous days, 'Poltergeist' or 'tiny devil' suitably covers the spirit!

She has been trained to follow commands like sit, stay, and wait patiently for treats, among others. At the moment, we are enjoying the process of teaching her to roll over - definitely not as easy as it sounds!

A note from her Guardians:
The toughest part of our journey with Polly is the times when she must go back to Rockley. It tugs at our heartstrings and leaves our home feeling strangely empty. But every silver lining has a cloud - it has been rewarding to watch her mature and bear puppies, blessing more families with love and laughter. We are beyond fortunate to have Polly grace our lives.

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