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Born August 2020

Chocolate & White


April 2024


Patches, or 'Apatchie' as she is fondly referred to, is not your average dog. Instead of typical dog games or toys, she enjoys stealing and hiding empty toilet rolls and her favourite treat are Mc Donald's fries.

Patches goes to work with her Guardian, where she meets other dogs from the grooming shop. Her friendly demeanor and playful spirit make her an instant favorite.

The funniest thing Patches does is nonchalantly stealing an empty toilet roll and walking past you with the look of innocence, only to hide it under her blanket later. If you dare to question her, she'd give you a squinted-eye stare that roughly translates to, 'I'm not hiding anything 🤷.'

Of course, as much as being a Guardian brings joy, it also entails some challenges. The hardest part for for her Guardian family is having to part ways with her whenever she is away or during the times when she has her puppies. Yet, these challenging times also bring about rewarding moments for her Guardian family - being able to welcome such a beautiful, adorable soul into their lives and witness her growth.

A note from her Guardian: As much as her antics make me shake my head sometimes, they also remind me that life is so much better with a bit of mischief, laughter, and of course, a pup like Patches. She’s more than a dog - she’s a part of the family, and we couldn’t imagine our life without her!

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