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April 2020


July 2024


Pancake loves all treats, but her absolute favorite are Greenies Toothbrushes. When she's not busy brushing her teeth, Pancake can usually be found snuggling on the lounge with her favorite Teddy. She just loves to be comfortable and cozy!

On the weekends, Pancake joins in on the family fun by attending the kids' soccer games. Although Pancake is quite content with her own food, she does have a bit of a sneaky side and likes to eat her sister's food from time to time.

Pancake just loves to give hugs and be hugged! And if you want a good laugh, just watch her try to jump on the bed when she was pregnant - it was a hilarious sight to see!

Pancake has also been working on learning a new trick - shaking before she eats.

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