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Born July 2021


April 2024

Meet Jasmine the Cavoodle

Jasmine, affectionately known as Jazzy, embodies the joy and companionship that every dog lover cherishes. With her soft, curly coat that is characteristic of the beloved Cavoodle breed, Jasmine brings a light and love to life that is truly irreplaceable.

Jazzy's absolute favourite is chicken, a special treat that makes her day every time. She enjoys a hearty mix of wet and dry food for her meals, a diet that keeps her both happy and healthy.

There’s nothing Jasmine loves more than a good game involving her all-time favorite toy, the ball. She’s utterly ball obsessed.

Despite her angelic demeanor, Jasmine has her share of naughty antics. Her most notable escapade involved a daring jump onto the kitchen bench, a moment immortalized by the watchful eye of a camera. Such instances, though challenging, only add to the charm and story of life with Jasmine.

Being a guardian to Jasmine has its moments of trials, particularly when it comes to crate training and the occasional guilt of separation. Yet, these are vastly outweighed by the rewarding experiences, most notably witnessing Jasmine embrace motherhood.

Jasmine’s intelligence shines through her ability to learn tricks like shake and high five, showcasing the Cavoodle’s renowned trainability and wit. Yet, beyond her tricks and playful habits, it’s the emotional bond and joy she brings to her favorite person, Mummy Ang, that stands at the heart of her story.

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