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August 2023

Also known as Isla Mae is a joyful Cavoodle. Whether it's her toys, her humans, or a leisurely drive around the farm, this girl knows how to appreciate the simple things. Not a fussy eater at all, she will be thrilled to eat whatever is given to her. Isla particularly loves her squeaky toys and won't give them a break until they are well and truly loved to pieces.

She adores nothing more than a snuggle on the loungeand shes also known for scratching at the gate or door until she's allowed through.

Her friendly and cuddly nature is one of the many reasons why she's loved by all who meet her. She's also a resourceful adventurer, having once famously managed to rock a colourbond gate enough to release her fellow four-legged friends. Naughty Isla!!

she ahs the best time when it's playtime with her sister Foxy and a squeaky duck toy is also something she adores.
Isla lives in a guardian home and her guardian says the best thing about being a guardian is the peace of mind knowing that if there's a problem Rockley Valley Park get straight onto it with anything needed and its done straight away.

Sometine she also known is Islie and she's learned some basic commands such as sit, drop, shake, and stay.

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