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Born August 2020

Chocolate & White


November 2023


Dotty loves to play, eat chicken necks and is undeniably affectionate. As you could expect, she adores anything she can chew on, especially when she gets to chase bubbles around, something that adds a spark of joy to our everyday routine. Walks around the neighborhood are among her favourite things to do and she gets very excited when she spots her harness.

She is such an affectionate dog and her guardians absolutely adore her. Even when she gets naughty, such as the time she chewed a hole in the lounge cushion and covered the lounge with ink from a pen, her loving demeanor never fails to overshadow these minor hiccups.

When she hears the words chicken or treat she will leap in excitement, doing a little dance routine.

She is learning a few tricks, primarily focusing on 'sit' and 'handshake.

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