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Born 2021



February 2024


Cookie is a charming and playful straight coat Cavoodle with a soft spot for Schmackoes, her favorite treats. As soon as she hears the sound of the package, she jumps with joy and races to the kitchen, ready to

When she's not indulging in delicious snacks, Cookie loves to play with her sister Angie. They often have wrestling matches, chasing each other around the backyard and rolling on the grass. Sometimes, Cookie even jumps on Angie's back, pretending to be a horse!

Despite her energetic personality, Cookie is also a huge cuddler. And when she's not in the mood for playing or cuddling, Cookie loves to soak up the sun in the backyard, stretching out on the warm grass.

However, Cookie can be a bit mischievous at times. She has a habit of stealing socks and leaving them outside. The funniest thing she has done is running too fast on the tiles and slipping over.

Cookie has rightfully earned the nickname "Cookie Monster." And when she wants to come inside, she knows just what to do: sit and knock at the door!

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