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Born June 2022



March 2024


Meet Amy the Cavoodle, with her quirky little traits, has a way of making those around her laugh and love her endlessly. Her favorite food? Ice cream, which she savours with the enthusiasm. Her stuffed giraffe holds the esteemed title of Amy's favourite toy.

When it's time to unwind, there's nothing Amy loves more than cuddling up under blankets with her favourite person. The outdoors also holds a special place in Amy's heart, with walks around the river being her absolute favourite.

Despite the occasional mischief, like her Christmas caper where she sneakily enjoyed her canine companion's treats, Amy's personality shines through, endearing her to all who know her.

One cannot help but laugh at the memory of Amy bravely chasing ducks across the river, only to find herself too scared to swim back.

Amy, also affectionately known as Missy-Moo or Amy-Wamy, is not just any dog; she's a dog with a gentle soul who loves everyone she meets. She has also mastered tricks like sit, paw, and recall.

A note from Amy's Guardian:
Being Amy's guardian comes with its ups and downs, but the joy of knowing she comes from a safe, proper, and well-designed breeding program that cares for the well-being of the mums, dads, and pups makes every challenge worth it.

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